Next Lat Test Date 2023/2024


In Pakistan, the Law Admission Test (LAT) is a mandatory requirement for admission to the five-year LLB program. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) introduced the LAT to standardize the admissions process and ensure that students entering law schools possess the necessary aptitude and skills for legal studies.

The LAT assesses candidates’ proficiency in various areas, including English ( Essay and personal Statement, Pak study, Islamiate, General knowledge,Urdu, Preposition, Synonyms and Antonyms and Math. It aims to evaluate the candidates’ potential to excel in legal education and practice.

For admission to the LLB program in Pakistan, candidates are required to take the LAT, and their scores in this test shall minimum 50% marks their eligibility for admission to reputable law schools across the country.

The announcement that the next LAT will be held in February 2024 indicates the scheduled date for the test. Registration of LAT TEST will be announce in January Prospective students aspiring to pursue a five-year LLB program in Pakistan would need to prepare for and take the LAT around that time to fulfill the admission criteria set by the HEC and the respective universities offering the LLB degree.

Candidates are advised to stay updated with the official notifications and guidelines provided by the HEC or the concerned authorities regarding the LAT schedule, registration process, and any specific requirements related to the test for admission to the LLB program.


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