International criminal law Elies van Sliedregt and Desislava Stoitchkova


Elies van Sliedregt and Desislava Stoitchkova are both renowned scholars in the field of international criminal law.

Elies van Sliedregt is a Dutch legal scholar specializing in international criminal law and criminal procedure. She has made significant contributions to the field through her research and publications. Van Sliedregt has written extensively on topics such as modes of liability, participation in international crimes, and the rights of the accused in international criminal proceedings. She has also contributed to discussions on the development and functioning of international criminal tribunals.

Desislava Stoitchkova is a Bulgarian legal scholar who has also focused her research on international criminal law. She has expertise in areas such as international criminal justice, transitional justice, and the prosecution of international crimes. Stoitchkova has written on subjects like war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity. Her work often examines the challenges faced by international criminal tribunals in prosecuting individuals responsible for mass atrocities.

Both Elies van Sliedregt and Desislava Stoitchkova have made significant contributions to the academic understanding and development of international criminal law. Their research and writings have helped shape the field and have been influential in discussions on issues related to international criminal justice.

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