Words to have same meaning as in Pakistan Penal Code.


If you are looking for words that have similar meanings to those used in the Pakistan Penal Code, here are some alternatives:

  1. Offense/Crime: Breach, violation, transgression
  2. Punishment: Penalty, sanction, retribution
  3. Accused: Defendant, suspect, offender
  4. Arrest: Apprehension, detention, capture
  5. Bail: Surety, bond, security
  6. Trial: Proceedings, litigation, hearing
  7. Conviction: Guilty verdict, sentence, judgment
  8. Evidence: Proof, substantiation, testimony
  9. Witness: Testifier, observer, bystander
  10. Investigation: Inquiry, examination, probe

Please note that these words may not always have an identical legal connotation or carry the exact same meaning as used in the Pakistan Penal Code. It is important to consult the actual legal statutes and seek professional legal advice when dealing with specific legal matters.

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