Whipping not to be inflicted if offender not in fit state of health :


In some legal systems or jurisdictions, there may be provisions stating that whipping should not be inflicted if the offender is not in a fit state of health. This means that if the offender has a medical condition or physical ailment that would make whipping dangerous or detrimental to their health, the punishment should not be carried out.

The exact conditions and criteria for determining the fitness of an offender’s health can vary depending on the jurisdiction and specific laws in place. It may be up to medical professionals or relevant authorities to assess the offender’s health condition and determine whether they are suitable to undergo whipping as a form of punishment.

It’s important to note that the availability and use of whipping as a punishment varies greatly around the world, and in many jurisdictions, corporal punishment such as whipping is considered inhumane and has been abolished. The acceptance and legality of such punishments are subject to local laws and cultural norms.


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