what is the source of common law


The source of common law can be traced back to England. Common law is a legal system that originated in medieval England and developed over centuries through judicial decisions and customs. It is distinguished from statutory law, which is created by legislative bodies.In the early years of the English legal system, there was no centralized body of law or an authoritative legal code. Instead, judges relied on local customs and traditions to resolve disputes. Over time, these judges began to follow the principle of stare decisis, which means to “stand by things decided.” This principle required judges to adhere to the precedents set by earlier court decisions when deciding similar cases.As judges applied the same legal principles consistently, a body of common law began to emerge. It was based on legal precedents, customs, and the principles of fairness and justice. The common law system spread to other countries influenced by British colonization, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and various countries in Africa and Asia.It’s important to note that while common law is rooted in precedent, it is also subject to change and adaptation over time. Courts have the power to interpret and apply common law principles in light of societal changes and evolving legal concepts. Additionally, legislative bodies can pass statutes that may modify or override certain aspects of common law.Today, common law continues to be an essential component of the legal systems in many countries around the world, although it may be supplemented or modified by statutory law in various areas.

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