what is meaning of waqf


The term “waqf” (also spelled “waqaf” or “vakf”) refers to a concept in Islamic law and practice. Waqf is a form of charitable endowment where a person donates or dedicates a specific property, such as land, a building, or other assets, for religious, educational, or charitable purposes. Once a property is designated as waqf, it is considered permanently dedicated to these purposes and cannot be sold, transferred, or inherited.Waqf properties are typically used to establish and maintain religious institutions, such as mosques, madrasas (religious schools), hospitals, libraries, or orphanages. The income generated from the waqf property, such as rental income or profits from businesses conducted on the property, is utilized to support the designated beneficiaries and maintain the property.The concept of waqf has a long history and is deeply rooted in Islamic tradition. It serves as a means to support and sustain important social and religious institutions, provide for the needs of the community, and promote charitable acts in perpetuity.

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