That by inquiry of offence triable with assessors

When an offense is triable with assessors, it means that a jury is assisted by assessors in determining the facts of the case. Assessors are individuals with specific expertise or knowledge relevant to the case who are appointed to assist the jury in understanding technical or complex evidence. They provide advice and clarification to the jury during the trial.

The use of assessors varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and depends on the legal system in place. In some countries, assessors may be used in certain types of cases, such as complex financial crimes or cases involving technical or scientific evidence. Their role is to provide specialized knowledge or insights that the jury may not possess.

The assessors’ role is limited to providing advice and clarification; they do not have the same decision-making authority as the jury. Ultimately, the jury is responsible for reaching a verdict based on the evidence presented in the trial, including the advice and assistance provided by the assessors.

It’s important to note that specific procedures and practices regarding assessors may differ across legal systems, so it’s advisable to consult the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction for more precise information.

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