Sessions Judge may withdraw cases from Assistant Sessions Judge


(1) Any
Sessions Judge may withdraw any case from, or re-call any ease which he has made over
to, any Assistant Sessions Judge subordinate to him.
(1-A) At any time before the trial of the case or the hearing of the appeal has commenced
before the Additional Sessions Judge, any Sessions Judge may re-call any case or appeal
Which he ha-s made over to any Additional Sessions Judge.
(1-B) Where a Sessions Judge withdraws or re-calls a case under sub-section (1) or re-
calls a case or appeal under sub-section (1-A), he may either try the case in his own Court
or hear the appeal himself, or make it over in accordance with the provisions of the Code
to another Court for trial or hearing, as the case may be.
(1-C) Any Sessions Judge may withdraw any case from, or re-call any case which he has
made over to any Magistrate subordinate to him, and may refer it for inquiry or trial to. any,
other such Magistrate competent to inquire into or try the same.
Explanation :[Omitted by legal Reforms Act, XXXIII of 1997.
(4) Any Magistrate may re-call any case made over by him under Section 192, Sub-
section (2), to any other Magistrate and may inquire into or try such case himself.
(5) A Magistrate making an order under this preceding sub-section shall record in writing
his reasons for making the same

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