Sentences of forfeiture of property


The court ordered the forfeiture of the defendant’s property as part of the sentencing.Following the conviction, the judge imposed the sentence of forfeiture, requiring the defendant to surrender their assets.The government initiated proceedings to seek the forfeiture of the property believed to be connected to illegal activities.As a result of the criminal investigation, the court determined that the property in question was subject to forfeiture.The defendant’s involvement in money laundering led to the forfeiture of their assets, including real estate and bank accounts.The judge ruled in favor of the prosecution’s request for forfeiture, resulting in the seizure of the defendant’s property.The accused was found guilty of drug trafficking, leading to the forfeiture of their luxury vehicles, cash, and other assets.In a landmark case, the court decided on the forfeiture of the organization’s assets, which were obtained through fraudulent means.The defendant entered into a plea agreement that included the forfeiture of certain assets as part of their punishment.The court issued a forfeiture order, requiring the defendant to relinquish ownership and control of the property involved in the criminal activity

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