section 151 CPC in Pakistan


Section 151 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CPC) in Pakistan grants certain powers to a police officer to prevent the commission of a cognizable offense, apprehend offenders, and maintain public peace and order. The section empowers a police officer, in circumstances where immediate preventive action is necessary, to take certain actions without a warrant from a magistrate. Here is the text of Section 151 CPC Pakistan:”Arrest to prevent the commission of cognizable offenses.—(1) A police officer knowing of a design to commit any cognizable offense may arrest, without orders from a Magistrate and without a warrant, the person so designing, if it appears to such officer that the commission of the offense cannot be otherwise prevented.(2) No person arrested under sub-section (1) shall be detained in custody for a period exceeding twenty-four hours from the time of his arrest unless his further detention is required or authorized under any other provisions of this Code or of any other law for the time being in force.”In simpler terms, this section enables a police officer to arrest a person without a warrant if they have knowledge of a plan or intention to commit a cognizable offense and believe that the offense can only be prevented by immediate action. However, the arrested person cannot be detained for more than 24 hours without further authorization under the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure or any other applicable law.

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