Refusal to give name and residence


: (1) When any person who in the presence of a police-officer has committed or has been accused of committing a non-cognizable offence refuses, on demand of such officer, to give his name and residence or gives a name or residence which such officer has reason to believe to be false, he may be arrested by such officer in order that his name or residence may be ascertained. (2) When the true name and residence of such person have been ascertained, he shall be released on his executing a bond, with or without sureties to appear before a Magistrate [having jurisdiction] if so required : Provided that, if such person is not resident in Pakistan, the bond shall be secured by a surety or sureties resident in Pakistan. (3) Should the true name and residence of such person be not ascertained within twenty four hours from the time of arrest or should he fail to execute the bond or, if so required to

furnish sufficient sureties, he shall forthwith be forwarded to the nearest Magistrate having
Words inserted by Law Reforms Ordinance, XII of 1972.

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