Recall of witnesses which charge altered


If you are referring to a situation where witnesses have provided testimony and their statements have been altered or changed in some way, it would typically depend on the legal procedures and rules in the jurisdiction where the trial or hearing is taking place.

In general, if it is discovered that a witness’s statement has been altered or tampered with, it may have serious implications for the case. The credibility and reliability of the witness’s testimony could be called into question, potentially leading to a request for the witness to be recalled for further questioning or cross-examination.

If the alteration of a witness’s statement is suspected or proven, the opposing party or the court itself may request a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the alteration, identify the responsible party, and assess the impact on the case. The court may decide to strike the altered testimony from the record or allow it to stand with appropriate cautionary instructions to the jury regarding its credibility.

Ultimately, the specific actions taken in response to altered witness testimony would be subject to the legal procedures and rules followed in the particular jurisdiction and the discretion of the judge overseeing the case.

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