Proclamation for person abscondin


(1) If any Court is satisfied after taking
evidence that any person against whom a warrant has been issued by it has absconded or
is concealing himself so that such warrant cannot be executed, such Court may publish a
written proclamation requiring him to appear at a specified place and at a specified time
not less than thirty days from the date of publishing such proclamation.
(2) The proclamation shall be published as follows:
(a) it shall be publicly read in some conspicuous place of the town or village in which such
person ordinarily resides ;
(b) it shall be affixed to some conspicuous part of the house or homestead in which such
person ordinarily resides or to some conspicuous place of such town or village; and
(c) a copy thereof shall be affixed, to some conspicuous part of the Court-house.
(3) A statement in writing by the Court issuing the proclamation to the “effect that the
proclamation was duly published on a specified day shall be conclusive evidence that
the requirements of this section have been complied with and that the proclamation was
published on such day.

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