Power to frame rules for guidance of Benches.


The power to frame rules for the guidance of benches typically lies with the governing body or authority responsible for the administration of the judiciary in a particular jurisdiction. In many countries, this power is vested in the highest court of the land or a judicial council or committee that oversees the functioning of the courts.

These rules, often referred to as “practice directions” or “procedural rules,” provide guidelines and instructions to judges and other court personnel on how to conduct proceedings, handle cases, and ensure consistency and fairness in the administration of justice. The rules may cover a wide range of aspects, including filing procedures, case management, evidence, oral arguments, appeals, and any other relevant matters pertaining to the functioning of the courts.

The process of framing rules for the guidance of benches typically involves extensive consultation, review, and deliberation among the members of the governing body or authority. This ensures that the rules are comprehensive, fair, and aligned with the principles of justice.

It is important to note that the specific process and authority responsible for framing these rules may vary between different jurisdictions. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the relevant laws and regulations of a particular country or region to determine the exact nature of the power to frame rules for the guidance of benches in that jurisdiction.

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