Power to dispense with personal attendance:


The phrase “power to dispense with personal attendance” typically refers to a legal authority or provision that allows someone to waive the requirement for personal appearance or attendance in a particular matter or situation. It grants the ability to excuse a person from physically being present when their presence would normally be expected or mandated.This power is often seen in various legal and administrative proceedings, such as court hearings, meetings, or official appointments. By invoking the power to dispense with personal attendance, individuals or authorities can permit alternative methods of participation, such as teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or submitting written statements, in lieu of physically attending in person.The specific conditions and limitations for invoking this power may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the context in which it is being applied. It is important to consult the relevant laws, regulations, or policies to understand the exact scope and application of this power in a particular situation.

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