Power to direct levy of amount due on certain recognizance.


The power to direct the levy of an amount due on a certain recognizance typically refers to the authority granted to a court or a legal entity to enforce the payment of a sum of money that is owed as part of a recognizance.A recognizance is a legal obligation entered into by an individual, usually before a court, where they commit to fulfilling certain conditions. It often involves a financial aspect, where the person agrees to pay a specified amount of money if they fail to meet their obligations.If a person fails to fulfill the conditions of their recognizance or defaults on the payment agreed upon, the court or the relevant authority can exercise the power to direct the levy of the amount due. This means they have the authority to enforce the collection of the owed money through various means, such as garnishing wages, seizing assets, or taking other legal actions to recover the debt.The specific procedures and methods for levying the amount due on a recognizance can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the case. It is essential to consult the relevant laws and regulations in your specific jurisdiction to understand the exact process and implications involved.

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