Modes:Standard A BRANCHES OF PURE PSYCHOLOGY General psychology:


Branch of Pure Psychology

1.Modes:Standard A BRANCHES OF PURE PSYCHOLOGY General psychology: It is relatively a large area or field of psychology which deals with the fundamental rules, principles and theories of psychology in relation to the study of behaviour of normal adult human beings.

2.Abnormal psychology. It is that branch or field of psychology which describes and explains the behaviour of abnormal people in relation to their own environment. The causes, symptoms and sys dromes, desertion and treatment of the aormalities of behaviour form the subject matter of his branch.A PURE PSYCHOLOGY BRANCHES General psychology is a sizable subfield of psychology that focuses on the fundamental ideas, tenets, and theories of psychology as they relate to the investigation of typical adult human behaviour. irrational psychology It pertains to that subset or area of psychology.

which defines and explains how atypical people behave in regard to their immediate surroundings. His branch’s focus is on the causes, signs, and syndromes, abandonment, and treatment of abnormal behaviour.

3.Social psychology is the area of psychology that focuses on interpersonal connections and collective behaviour.

social dynamics, interests and attitudes, and group dynamics

People’s disconnection and social and personal prejudices

In this branch, relationships are the main component.
4 Psychological experimentation This area of psychology explains and has expertise with the ways and means of conducting controlled psychological experiments using scientific techniques in controlled or laboratory settings for the investigation of mental processes and behaviour. The subjects chosen for these tests include people, birds, and animals.


Biological and physiological underpinnings of behaviour are described and explained in the field of psychology known as physiological psychology. This branch’s subject matter includes research on the interior environment and physiological makeup of the body, particularly the brain, nervous system, and glandular activity in relation to conative, cognitive, and affective behaviour in people.

6. Parapsychology: Examines cases of extrasensory perceptions,

reincarnation, telepathy, and related issues.


Geo-psychology. This area of psychology explores and examines the connection between behaviour and the physical environment, particularly the weather, climate, soil, and landscape.

8. Developmental psychology: This area of psychology examines how a person’s behaviour changes from birth to old age as a result of their growth and development. For ease of use, it is further separated into branches or fields like Child psychology, Adolescent psychology, and Adult psychology.

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