classes that are too full
The results of the kids’ learning are generally severely hampered by overcrowded classrooms. The teachers instruct in these settings, when the students struggle and feel irritated. Some challenges include maintaining discipline, a lack of room, poor learning, and problems with instructional support.

Large numbers of students in a classroom are considered to constitute overcrowding.

When there are more pupils than desks or seating locations, the classroom is considered to be overcrowded.

For teachers, improving their own learning abilities is quite challenging, and at times, following regulations is challenging.

Moving about in a crowded classroom is quite challenging due to the presence of children and desk crowds.

The teacher set up a group assignment and created an activity-based lesson plan based on time management instructions.

• Less activity materials and resources are used in group activities when teachers employ the lecture technique and a student-centered approach.

• A teacher may occasionally fail to enforce classroom rules due to crowding.

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