Human Rights Council


The Human Rights Council (HRC) is an intergovernmental body within the United Nations (UN) system responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights around the world. It was established on March 15, 2006, by the UN General Assembly to replace the former Commission on Human Rights. The HRC is composed of 47 member states elected by the UN General Assembly for three-year terms.

The primary mandate of the Human Rights Council is to address human rights violations and promote respect for human rights globally. It is tasked with monitoring the human rights situations in different countries, conducting investigations, and making recommendations to member states on how to improve human rights conditions. The council also has the authority to establish special procedures, such as rapporteurs and working groups, to focus on specific thematic or country-specific human rights issues.

The HRC meets at least three times a year in regular sessions held in Geneva, Switzerland. During these sessions, member states discuss human rights issues, review reports from special procedures and other mechanisms, and adopt resolutions and decisions addressing human rights concerns. The council’s decisions are not legally binding, but they carry significant moral and political weight.

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is one of the key mechanisms of the Human Rights Council. It involves a comprehensive review of the human rights records of all UN member states, which takes place every four years. During the UPR, each country’s human rights situation is examined, and recommendations are made to help improve human rights conditions.

The Human Rights Council has been instrumental in addressing various human rights challenges worldwide. It has played a role in raising awareness, documenting human rights abuses, and fostering dialogue and cooperation between states. However, like any international body, it has faced criticisms and challenges in its functioning, including concerns about the inclusion of states with poor human rights records among its members.

Overall, the Human Rights Council serves as an essential forum for promoting and protecting human rights globally and provides a platform for member states and civil society organizations to engage in discussions on human rights issues.

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