Factors Affecting The Rate of Enzyme Action :


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The functional specificity (a) of every enzyme is the Rate of catalysed reaction (Velocity ) result of its specific chemistry and configuration (7) Any factor that can alter (d) the chemistry and shape of a enzyme can affect its rate of catalysis.

Enzyme concentration

Some of the important factors that can affect the rate of enzyme action are:

(H) Concentration of substrate

(iii) Temperature

(iv) pH of the medium

(1) Concentration of Enzyme: (Cone. of E Rate of E Action (when S is unlimited)

The rate of reactions depends directly on the amount of enzyme present at a specific time at unlimited ()

سٹریٹ کی مقدار) sabeitute concentration If the amount of an enzyme is increased by two fold (c) the reaction rate is doubled.

By increasing the enzyme molecules, an increase in the number of active sites take place. More active sites will convert the substrate molecules into products in a given period of time.

After a certain limited () concentration, the rate of reaction will no longer depend upon this increase.

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