Examination of complainant:


A Magistrate taking, cognizance of an offence on
complaint shall at once examine the complainant upon oath, and the substance of the
examination shall be reduced to writing and shall be signed by the complainant, and also
by the Magistrate :
Provided as follows:
(a) when the complaint is made in writing, nothing herein contained shall be deemed to
require a Magistrate to examine the complainant before transferring the case under
Section 192 [or sending it to the Court of Session];
(aa) when the complaint Is made in writing nothing herein contained shall be deemed to
require the examination of a complainant in any case in which the complaint has been
made by a Court or by a public servant acting or -purporting to act in the discharge of his
official duties;
(b) [Omitted A.O., 1949,Sch.];
(c) when the case has been transferred under Section 192-and the Magistrate so
transferring it has already examined the complainant, the Magistrate to whom it is so
transferred shall not be bound to re-examine the complainant

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