Definition under mussalman waqf validating act 1913 section 2


The Mussalman Waqf Validating Act of 1913 is an Indian legislation that deals with the validation of waqfs, which are religious endowments under Islamic law. Section 2 of the Act provides a definition of “waqf” for the purpose of the Act. According to Section 2 of the Mussalman Waqf Validating Act, 1913, a waqf is defined as follows:”Any movable or immovable property, of any description whatsoever, and wheresoever situate, which has been or is hereafter, made or created as dedication of any property for any purpose recognized by the Muslim law as religious, pious or charitable.”In simple terms, this definition states that a waqf is any type of property, whether it is movable or immovable, located anywhere, that has been dedicated for a purpose considered religious, pious, or charitable under Muslim law.

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