Classroom and Classroom management


Q1. What do you mean by classroom management?

Ans. Classroom is a specific place where student learn together and sharing ideas and knowledge with the help of teacher.

Classroom Management

It is a term teachers use to describe the process of ensure that classroom lesson run smoothly without disruptiveClassroom Management can be explained as the action and directions that teachers use to create a successful learning environment. Indeed Sharing having a positive impact on students achieving giving learning requirements and goals.Q2. What is the important of classroom management in B.Ed (H) program?Ans. This is for specially future teacher’s program,In B.Ed program we learn new strategies , Ideas to sharing knowledge with students. After B.ed (H) program we able to manage any type of classes and students and applying new methods for students effective learning. We able to teach students according to student’s interest , well lesson planning or activities. For well manage and effective classroom criteria B.Ed program is most important and helpful.

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