Articles on the responsibility of States for internationally wrongful acts


Certainly! Here are a few articles that discuss the responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts:

  1. Article 2 of the United Nations International Law Commission’s (ILC) Articles on State Responsibility (ASR): This article establishes the principle that a state is internationally responsible for its wrongful acts that breach its international obligations.
  2. Article 3 of the ASR: This article defines the concept of an internationally wrongful act as a breach of an international obligation attributable to a state and entails the violation of a rule of international law.
  3. Article 4 of the ASR: This article deals with the elements required for an internationally wrongful act, including the existence of an obligation under international law, a breach of that obligation, and attribution of the act to the state.
  4. Article 12 of the ASR: This article focuses on the circumstances that preclude the wrongfulness of an act, such as consent, self-defense, force majeure, and necessity.
  5. Article 14 of the ASR: This article discusses the attribution of conduct to a state, including acts of its organs, agents, or entities exercising governmental authority.
  6. Article 48 of the ASR: This article covers the consequences of internationally wrongful acts, including cessation, assurances, guarantees of non-repetition, and reparation.
  7. Article 51 of the United Nations Charter: This article recognizes the inherent right of self-defense, including individual and collective self-defense, in the case of armed attacks.

These articles provide a foundation for understanding the responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts and the legal framework governing state responsibility. It’s important to consult the complete text of the ASR for a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

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