Articles on the responsibility of international organizations


Certainly! Here are a few articles that discuss the responsibility of international organizations:

  1. “The Responsibility of International Organizations: The Case of the United Nations” by Anne Peters and Cecilia M. Bailliet (Published in The American Journal of International Law, 2011) – This article examines the responsibility of international organizations, particularly focusing on the United Nations. It explores the legal framework, accountability mechanisms, and challenges faced by international organizations in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  2. “The Responsibility of International Organizations: Towards a Framework of Legal Obligations” by Maurizio Arcari (Published in The European Journal of International Law, 2006) – This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the responsibility of international organizations. It discusses the development of legal obligations for international organizations, their accountability mechanisms, and the challenges of attributing responsibility.
  3. “Responsibility of International Organizations: A Juridical Analysis” by Christine Gray (Published in International Organizations Law Review, 2014) – This article offers a juridical analysis of the responsibility of international organizations. It explores the principles and legal frameworks relevant to the responsibility of international organizations and discusses the challenges faced in enforcing accountability.
  4. “The Responsibility of International Organizations: Issues and Challenges” by Marcel Szab√≥ (Published in Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law, 2018) – This article addresses the responsibility of international organizations, highlighting key issues and challenges. It examines the concept of responsibility, attribution of responsibility, and the role of international courts and tribunals in holding international organizations accountable.
  5. “The Accountability of International Organizations for Human Rights Violations: Recent Developments and Prospects” by Tarcisio Gazzini (Published in The International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 2010) – This article focuses on the accountability of international organizations for human rights violations. It analyzes recent developments in holding international organizations responsible for their actions and highlights the potential for further progress in this area.

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