Articles on the responsibility of international organizations


Certainly! Here are some articles that discuss the responsibility of international organizations:

  1. “The Responsibility of International Organizations: Legal and Ethical Considerations” by Jean d’Aspremont and Sufyan Droubi (published in the Leiden Journal of International Law, 2016). This article examines the legal and ethical responsibilities of international organizations, focusing on issues such as accountability, human rights, and the role of international law.
  2. “The Responsibility of International Organizations: Exploring the Gap between Legal Frameworks and Organizational Practices” by Anne Peters (published in the European Journal of International Law, 2015). The article analyzes the evolving legal frameworks and practices surrounding the responsibility of international organizations, discussing concepts such as attribution, liability, and immunities.
  3. “Accountability and Responsibility in International Organizations” by Niels Blokker (published in the International Organizations Law Review, 2018). This article explores the concepts of accountability and responsibility within international organizations, examining their legal basis, challenges, and possible avenues for improvement.
  4. “The Responsibility of International Organizations: Challenges and Reforms” by Jan Wouters and Cedric Ryngaert (published in the Global Governance Journal, 2017). The article discusses the challenges faced by international organizations in fulfilling their responsibilities, including issues related to decision-making, transparency, and compliance with international norms.
  5. “Responsibility of International Organizations for Human Rights Violations: Recent Developments and Challenges” by Ineta Ziemele (published in the Baltic Yearbook of International Law, 2019). This article focuses specifically on the responsibility of international organizations for human rights violations, examining recent developments in the jurisprudence of international courts and tribunals.

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