Articles on the responsibility of international organizations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Here are some articles on the responsibility of international organizations that you may find useful:1. “The Responsibility of International Organizations: Between Legal Constraints and Political Realities” by Jan Klabbers and Gregor Noll (International Organizations Law Review, 2018)2. “Accountability of International Organizations: Lessons from the United Nations Human Rights Council” by Mark Gibney (Human Rights Quarterly, 2019)3. “Responsibility of International Organizations in the 21st Century: From Legal Concept to Practice” by Maria Varaki (The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 2017)4. “The Responsibility of International Organizations: Evolution and Current Challenges” by Cedric Ryngaert (Chinese Journal of International Law, 2019)5. “The Role of International Organizations in Promoting Accountability and Responsibility” by David M. Malone (Global Governance, 2017)6. “The Responsibility of International Organizations for Human Rights Violations: A Comparative Perspective” by Jure Vidmar (Human Rights Law Review, 2016)7. “International Organizations and Their Responsibility: A Comparative Study” by Christina Binder (European Journal of International Law, 2018)8. “The Responsibility of International Organizations in Peacekeeping Operations” by Dapo Akande (American Journal of International Law, 2015)9. “Shared Responsibility in International Organizations: The Case of Peacekeeping” by Jeremy Farrall (International Organizations Law Review, 2019)10. “The Responsibility of International Organizations for Environmental Harm” by Elisa Morgera (Journal of International Law and International Relations, 2017)Please note that access to some of these articles may require a subscription or purchase.

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