Articles on diplomatic protection


Here are a few articles on diplomatic protection that you may find helpful:

  1. “Diplomatic Protection: A Contemporary Legal Analysis” by Robert McCorquodale and Peter Muchlinski (2007) – This article explores the concept of diplomatic protection, its historical development, and its relevance in contemporary international law.
  2. “Diplomatic Protection: A Human Rights Perspective” by James Crawford (2008) – This article examines diplomatic protection from a human rights perspective, discussing the relationship between human rights and diplomatic protection and addressing the challenges faced in applying diplomatic protection in cases involving human rights violations.
  3. “The Concept of Diplomatic Protection Revisited” by Tarcisio Gazzini (2011) – This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the concept of diplomatic protection, its origins, and its evolution in international law. It also discusses the challenges and contemporary issues related to diplomatic protection.
  4. “Diplomatic Protection in International Law: The Evolution of a Legal Concept” by Christopher Greenwood (2007) – This article traces the historical development of diplomatic protection and its treatment in international law. It examines various aspects of diplomatic protection, including state responsibility, nationality, and remedies for injured individuals.
  5. “Diplomatic Protection and Investor-State Dispute Settlement: Convergence or Conflict?” by Valentina Vadi (2015) – This article discusses the intersection between diplomatic protection and investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanisms. It explores the relationship between the two frameworks and the challenges they pose to each other.

Please note that the availability of these articles may depend on your access to academic databases or online libraries.

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