Articles on diplomatic protection


Certainly! Here are a few articles on the topic of diplomatic protection:1. “Diplomatic Protection” by Kate Parlett (2019) – This article provides an overview of diplomatic protection, covering its historical development, the principles governing it, and its relationship with international law. It explores the role of states in protecting their nationals abroad and the legal remedies available in cases of harm or injury.2. “The Concept of Diplomatic Protection” by Antonio Augusto Cancado Trindade (2018) – This article discusses the concept of diplomatic protection in international law, emphasizing its evolution and current relevance. It explores the customary nature of diplomatic protection, the rights and obligations involved, and the role of states and individuals in the process.3. “Diplomatic Protection: New Challenges in a Globalized World” by Marc Weller and Catherine Redgwell (2016) – This article examines the challenges of diplomatic protection in the modern globalized world. It discusses issues such as the extraterritorial application of human rights, the protection of stateless persons, and the impact of corporate activities on diplomatic protection.4. “Diplomatic Protection: Evolution, Principles, and Challenges” by Christian J. Tams (2015) – This article explores the evolution and principles of diplomatic protection, discussing key developments in international law and the rights and obligations of states and individuals. It also examines contemporary challenges to diplomatic protection, including the rise of non-state actors and the impact of human rights considerations.5. “Diplomatic Protection and Human Rights” by Markus Benzing (2012) – This article examines the relationship between diplomatic protection and human rights. It discusses the expanding role of human rights in diplomatic protection cases, the impact of regional human rights mechanisms, and the potential tensions between state interests and individual rights.These articles should provide you with a comprehensive understanding of diplomatic protection and its various aspects.

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