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All people on the planet are in Allahu ta’ala’s care. He sends everyone helpful stuff. the following world. He will do the Muslims’ who are guilty and deserve to go to Hell the favour of forgiving them and putting them in Paradise. He is the only one who creates all living things, sustains them in existence at all times, and guards them against terror and horror. We start writing this book while placing our trust in the honourable name of Allahu ta’ala.

Greetings from Allah, Ta’ala! Be blessed and may peace be upon His most cherished Prophet. The Prophet Muhammad (sall-Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam)! The pure Ahl al-Bait (close relatives) and everyone of the righteous and obedient Companions of that revered Prophet are to be blessed with prayers.

The Ottoman Empire was the first to assess IQ through testing. The arrival of the Ottoman Troops in Vienna, as described in American literature, greatly perplexed the European statesmen. They were afraid because they believed that Islam was encroaching on Europe and destroying Christianity. They made a lot of efforts to find a way to halt the Ottoman onslaught. The British ambassador in Istanbul sent a cipher-coded cable one midnight. To tell Europe the good news, he could not wait until morning: “What I came across. I did!” he said. “I discovered the explanation for the Ottomans’ string of victories and the way to put an end to them.” He furthered by saying this: The prisoners of war are never tortured by the Ottomans; instead, they are treated like brothers. No of their nationality or religion, they assess the IQ of young children. In the school called “Enderun” in the Palace, bright kids are chosen and trained by qualified teachers. Taught Islamic knowledge, Islamic values, science, and culture, they are raised as strong, entrepreneurial Muslims. All of those sharp-witted kids who were raised in this way went on to become the brilliant generals who led the Ottoman army to win after victory as well as the excellent politicians and administrators like the two great viziers Sokullu and Köprülü. Exterminating these Enderun schools and their branches is crucial to end the Ottoman onslaught, the madrasas, as well as to make Muslims less intelligent and scientific.

The British ambassador’s suggestion was accepted, and the The tragic, heartbreaking events in Ottoman history demonstrate how diligently the Scotch and Paris freemasonic lodges started working. Several plans were made to trick Muslims and stop the teaching erudite and scientific individuals of religion and administration in madrasas and schools Younger generations in Europe were denied of education, made agnostic, and accustomed to distraction and frivolity. They were sent back to the mother country to pose as sneaky adversaries after receiving bogus licences and diplomas that made them appear to be scientists. Such uneducated individuals with degrees, the bigots of science, were propelled to power in the Ottoman State by cunning plans devised by Freemasons. An illustration. When Millar Pasha and Talat Pasha reduced the number of religious courses offered in madrasas, Mustafa Reshid Pasha, Fuad Pass, and others deleted the latter. Mehmed the Conqueror’s (Fatih Sultan Muhammed Khan’s) reign, when the religious and The amount of scientific knowledge taught at madrasas is very high. Yet, with Tanzimát (Abdülmed’s political changes of 1839),especially during the Union Party era, their numbers decreased. The success of Islam’s adversaries can be attributed to their cunning and disingenuous behaviour. Particularly Mithat Pasha had been ready to use cunning strategies to ruthlessly assault Islam and the Qur’an. Muslims would have been crushed by the enemy’s plans of devastation if Sultan Abdülhamid Khán II’s strong iman and sharp intellect had not held firm like a steel shield against this poisonous blade intended to pierce Islam. The twelfth book of Türkiye Tarihi contains numerous examples of this (History of Turkey, Istanbul, 1967).

Islam’s adversaries have always sought to eradicate the religion and its adherents. Communists have attacked using a variety of propaganda techniques, rotten lies, smear campaigns, and extremely cruel, barbaric tortures. Muslims are not fooled since they are aware of these vile attacks. Freemasons, on the other hand, have been subtly assaulting Islam with flattery, money, and sly words. They assert that religion is unnecessary and that all individuals, whether religious or not, are brothers. They attempt to destroy Islamic brotherhood so that Masonic brotherhood might take its place. The most dreadful adversaries of Islam are those who want to destroy it subtly from within while posing as Muslims and persons of religious authority. Such religious extremists have emerged in Arabia and India. Using phrases like “We will alter the faith,” they mislead Muslims in their speeches and articles. Islam will be freed of superstitions and beresies. The Qur’anic commandments will be made public. They break up families and turn brothers against one another. Nonetheless, Islam encourages cooperation, love, and assistance. Every Muslim has a duty to harm and humiliate other Muslims, as well as non-Muslim compatriots, foreign businessmen, and tourists. “The best of men is the one who is helpful to mankind,” Rasulullah (‘alaihi’s-salám) said; “The one who owes a debt of human rights will not enter Paradise unless he pays it”; and “Do not rebel.”

even if the people in charge of you are Abyssinian atheists!” Every Muslim should respect everyone’s rights, refrain from hurting or offending anybody, and obey the law and the government both in his own country and in the country of non-believers. To do this, we should educate young people about Islam and its admirable ideals. If the innocent youth are ignorant of Islam, their faith in Islam and morals will be tainted by being duped by false heroes and hypocritical friends, and they will head in the direction of unending disaster and ruin.

Attacking Islam is equivalent to assassinating everyone on the planet. to seek to turn the riches of men into calamity by violating human rights and freedoms. This wicked deed has been done for the amusement, joy, and fun of a small, heartless group of people who are blinded by passion. May Allahu ta’ala deliver people from this terrible, foreboding catastrophe. Amin! Simple spoken or written prayers won’t be heard, so it’s important to hold on to your resources and exert all of your effort. Muslims need to be aware of the open and sneaky foes who threaten their happiness and faith. They shouldn’t fall for these adversaries’ falsehoods, they shouldn’t split up, and they shouldn’t forget that they are brothers. under the heading “Baghi.” According to Ibn ‘Abidin “The Kharijis gave vague, unconventional interpretations to various ayats and mutawatir hadiths in order to “explain away” (ta wil) the ambiguous writings (dala’il). These were the actions of those who broke away from Hadrat ‘All’s (radiy-Allahu ‘anh) army and fought against him. It was claimed “The sole judge is Allah. Hadrat ‘Ali made a severe fault when he abdicated the caliphate to Mu’awiya (radiy-Allahu ‘anhuma) in accordance with the judgement of two arbitrators. They fought against him as a result of this incorrect justification. They stated “disbelievers about those who had different beliefs from their own. In addition, some who adhere to Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al- Wahhab, who first appeared in Najd, today assert that only they are Muslims. They refer to people who have different beliefs as “polytheists” and consider it halál to kill them, take their women, and take their possessions. The mujtahids, or fiqh’s ‘ulama,’ did not state “kafir’ about people who, like the Khârijis and Wahhabis, emigrated due to ambiguous documents, but instead used the terms “baghi,” “âsî,” or “ahl al-bid’a,” which are Arabic terms for “non-madhhabite” or “heretic.” If one explains away incorrectly and rejects a dalil with a clear, single meaning, they are considered kâfirs. . Denying that the universe will be destroyed and that the dead will come to life once more are two examples of this. But, if somebody comes to this conclusion as a result of assigning an unusual meaning to a piece of writing, he is not considered a kâfir for disparaging or denying the caliphate of Hadrat Abu Bakr and Hadrat ‘Umar (radiy- Allahu ‘anhuma). who asserts that Ali is God. Jabr’il made a mistake by introducing the wahî because such phrases cannot be derived from ta’wil or ijtihâd but rather originate from adhering to the nafs If someone says that Hadrat ‘A’isha (radiy-Allahu ‘anhâ) committed adultery or says that her father was a Sahabi, they are also kâfirs because they are denying the open dalil that the Qur’an al-kerim declares. One also becomes a kâfir by asserting without a ta’wil that it is permissible to harm Muslims’ property and life; he would not do so if he based his claim that he was a follower of Islam on the ta’wil of an ambiguous verse from the Qur’an or a Hadith. If a person who practises their ‘ibâdât and identifies as a Muslim or member of Ahl al-Qibla possesses a belief that is incompatible with Ahl as-Sunna and if that view involves the denial of an explicit dalil, then that belief is valid regardless of whether it was based on a ta’wil or not. If it is a kuf kufr that is being denied. If it originates from implicit dalil and he has a ta’wil, it is not in accordance with the nafs and is meant to benefit the world without a ta’wil. additionally a kufr. A person also commits kâfir if, in accordance with h nafs and for the sake of worldly gains, he attempts to defend an idea or belief by explaining away dâla’il. He is known as “zindiq.” Beliefs held by those who adhere to (taqlid) a man of bid’a while being unaware of the ta ‘wil are likewise kufr. If the dala’il are unknown, his taqlid of someone in the items to be believed is invalid. It does not make one a kâfir to claim that the ijma is not a dalil. He develops into a bid’a guy. His statements that contradict the ijma’ are not kufr. Our hearts ache as we witness the terrible threat that has fallen upon Muslims. We believed it to be our great duty and the only way for us to achieve everlasting felicity to perform the small service of writing down the deceptive arguments made by some outsiders who support religious reform and exposing the lies by responding to each one in turn in order to awaken and defend the youth against this destructive attack. Hence, we want to expose the gang of heretics to the youth who profess to be fighting for Islam. We did not include anything in this book that was not found in the writings of the Ahl as-Sunna scholars, and the book’s conclusion includes a letter from the book Maktubât by al-Imâm ar-Rabbâni Ahmad al-Fârûqi as- Sirhindi, a renowned scholar and exalted guide of Muslims. Also, a glossary is attached at the conclusion for those unfamiliar with English to consult. The youth are now shown the nineteenth English edition.

May Allahu ta’älä grant us all celestial and earthly happiness! He may keep us from hurting ourselves or others. Amin.

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